"Your Home Away From Home"

Our Mission Statement:​

Gramercy Place is a restored two-story mansion built in 1921.  

There are 20 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 3 kitchens & dining rooms, 

TV room with cable, library and a 1,600 sq ft patio in the backyard.  
We have private rooms, 2 bed dorm rooms and 4 bed dorm rooms.
The kitchens are open 24 hours for you to cook your own food. 
Cable TV is in the living room and in each of the private rooms.  
Wi-Fi is complimentary.         
Contact us at GramercyPlace@aol.com or office # 323-733-6168

Gramercy Place

To provide a cross cultural environment that encourages understanding

and respect for all individuals, regardless of sex, nationality, race or religion.